About Us

Our team :

The Markus Dayan team is made up exclusively of hardcore fans of hip-hop culture, especially rap all genres (trap, cloud rap, afro trap ...). Seeing the rise of jewelry of all kinds, we took the opportunity to fulfill our common dream: participate in the development of hip-hop culture!

Indeed, we try to create a true community around the Hip-Hop culture through jewelry, so coveted in the rap world, once inaccessible.

Markus dayan is here to change!


Indeed, soon, we have the ambition to allow rappers still relatively unknown to post their songs on our forum. As a bonus, the Markus Dayan community will be able to vote for the best song every week, which will end up exposed on all our networks as well as in front of the Markus Dayan website. Allowing to give strength, exposure to hidden talents! This is one of the reasons why we are keen to develop a true community, solidarity, mutual aid, motivation and simply exchange around rap ... Long live Markus Dayan! TO BE PART OF THE CHAINING: It is very simple ! there are two steps to becoming part of it:  - The first being to subscribe to our page on social networks: you are part of Markus Dayan virtually. - The second is to acquire a Jewel, so you will be part of it virtually but also physically from it allowing you to benefit from exclusive offers!  MARKUS DAYAN, MORE THAN A SITE, A COMMUNITY!