Hip-hop jewelry Markus Dayan and the others, what's the difference?

What is the difference between Markus Dayan hip-hop jewelry and others? We pay close attention to every detail, including, but not limited to, materials, workmanship and guarantees to provide the best jewelry to customers.
Here is a comparison of Markus Dayan jewelry and other substandard jewelry. You can clearly see how we make our products with deep passions.

Excellent materials
First of all, Markus Dayan uses excellent materials to make our jewelry.

Most of our products are made of good quality brass with 14K gold plating, which guarantees a shiny and smooth surface, will not make your neck green. However, the lower quality jewelry is made of alloy which is rough and full of burrs.
In addition, we use real materials, so our products weigh relatively heavy but reasonable and acceptable. You will feel comfortable wearing our jewelry.
We also select AAA gemstones (of the highest quality) that have 57 cutting faces, so that our glazed jewelry is even brighter than real diamonds, but at an affordable price. However, substandard jewelry uses an inexpensive glass that doesn't shine at all!
Exquisite workmanship
Markus Dayan then does exquisite manufacturing work.

All our products are drained 5 times during plating (details below). As a result, the Gold on jewelry will last a long time normally, which has already been proven by users. However, substandard jewelry is drained once, which can harm the skin.
In addition, the combination of wax adjustment and manual inlay allows the CZ stones to be perfectly adjusted so that they do not fall off easily. However, lower quality jewelry only uses glue directly to set the stones, which leads to obvious
defects and easy fall.
In addition, we choose nice clasps so that they are not only easy to wear and attach, but also super delicate. You can tell the difference if you see them in person.
Exclusive guarantees

Markus Dayan offers various guarantees.

We offer a 30 day return and exchange service and a lifetime warranty for most of our products. No worries about after-sales problems!
In the end, Markus Dayan gives absolute priority to the quality and value of the product. Markus Dayan assures you that each of our products is of the highest standard. We sincerely hope that you enjoy a happy and reassuring shopping experience. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help.

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